Most Visited South East Asia Destinations

If you are about to spend your holiday travelling around Asia, you can simplify spot your purpose to South East Asia destinations where you will find many wonderful tourist attractions. The most recommended place to visit during your stay in South East Asia is to travel to Bali which is also known as Paradise Island. It is located in Indonesia. Bali offers a potent mix of a visually bewitching culture, hospitable people, and enticing beaches which appeal to divers, surfers, and also standard-issue beachcombers alike. No wonder that this island becomes the symbol of Indonesian tourism in international level.

From Indonesia, let’s move north to the Philippines. You must visit Tubbataha Reef, it is located on the island of Palawan. It is a paradise for divers from all around the world. The site was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The next destination you need to go to is Singapore. You must visit Hawker Centers which offer you open-air food courts where you will find various Asian dishes for the best prices. If you visit Malaysia, you could climb Mount Kinabalu to get your hiking fix and then travel Petronas Twin Towers for a more modern feel of Malaysia. If you plan to stay here for a few nights, you could find great deals through Expedia with hotels and flights to this beautiful country.

Make sure you don’t miss out on Bangkok’s Shopping Scene. It is the perfect shopping place for typical tourists. Here, you could find unique jewelry, clothes, and art at rock-bottom prices. Thailand is also well known for its beautiful beaches, like Phuket. Explore the natural and beautiful beaches of Thailand as your South East Asia destinations. The last attractive place you can’t miss is Angkor Temples in Cambodia. It is the heritage of Khmer Empire with its magnificent structures.

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